Discretionary Effort: We have the answers

Are you achieving your 21st century goals?

Questions for the 21st century are:

  • What will be the dynamics of the 21st century social contract?
  • How much discretionary effort will employees give?
  • What will organizations do to earn that discretionary effort?
  • How can you get the gifts of discretionary effort on a regular basis? 

We have the answers.

In a Discretionary Effort Leadership program for executives and managers, timely answers to 21st century workforce questions are answered and participants learn how to earn the gift of discretionary effort from employees.

Start Getting the Gift with a Discretionary Effort Leadership Program

Informative, enlightening, and practical are words frequently used to describe the Discretionary Effort Leadership training modules and the Earn The Gift Certificate program. The strategies and techniques can bring simple yet real and effective change in a world of increasing complexity.

After every module, participants feel “smarter” and better equipped to handle workplace dilemmas. They not only feel smarter, but they work smarter, communicate more effectively, and quickly find new solutions to old problems.

Stronger relationships are forged that help increase cooperation and collaboration. This enables companies to stand out in the marketplace amid a field of fierce competitors.

Earn The Gift Learning Landscape

The comprehensive Earn the Gift program includes a learning landscape of on-site workshops, webinars and private members only site, and Power Triad accountability conversation calls.

Earn The Gift Learning Landscape for Kera and web site

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An Elite Circle of Achievers

Being a successful leader and manager involves learning strategies and using your intuition to apply the techniques to individual situations. The Earn The Gift certificate course is designed to give you principles, approaches and methods to enrich your leadership skills.

Whether you are a seasoned manager, a new manager or a high potential, the Earn the Gift certificate will make you better. You’ll learn proven and fundamental principles plus 21st century nuances of managing employees and team members.

Portable Skills

Once you learn the Earn the Gift strategies and techniques, you own them. You can take them anywhere and use them any time in any situation. As a human being, you’ll be more influential, charismatic, and significant.

Be the leader people WANT to follow. Start now.

Looking for a fast-track to being a better leader?

Start right away with our online one-on-one professional development program:

The Leadership of One

A significant component of earning the discretionary effort of employees is professional development. This program consists of webinars, enrichment reading, power triad conversation calls, and private coaching calls. The information provided in the very first webinar immediately starts changing paradigms and mindsets. It is very common for participants who implement our strategies to have immediate results in their relationships with colleagues, team members and employees.

Invest a small amount of time each week and you can change your career forever. Enroll your entire leadership team and change your company forever.

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