The Leadership of One

It is happening now and all around you.

New leaders are emerging.
Will you become a 21st century leader?

The Leadership of One is a professional development program that develops excellent managers into insightful leaders.

Bring this cutting edge program to your aspiring leaders and up the ladder to the executive management team. Participants will become the leader people CHOOSE to follow,
not the manager they HAVE to follow because
of their position on the organizational chart.

The next coaching and mentoring session will start in January 2018.

Last session was Sept 2017.

The 21st Century Leadership Coaching Program: The Leadership of One

Personal Benefits of The Leadership of One:  This professional development program, a companion program to the Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort on-site program, has as its  focus becoming a leader with increased impact and influence. It helps you develop discretionary effort inside of yourself, enabling you to model it for your employees.

This is one of the questions asked in the program, “Is your team ‘schoaling’ or swimming in synchronicity?” You will learn what a school of fish can teach you about the leadership of one.

The Leadership of One guides you through management minefields to leadership success as you learn the strategies, techniques and principles of 21st century leadership.

Being a leader of 4-generations in the workplace involves thinking differently as you seek to:

  • Earn the respect of all employees
  • Keep employees engaged in meaningful work
  • Take advantage of different perspectives
  • Create learning between generations
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Help employees grow professionally and personally
  • Minimize the departure of valued employees by supporting them in their aspirations
  • Empower your employees to bring their A-game to work every day

Creating a culture change that includes the implementation of the points above is leveraging discretionary effort of all employees.

Leaders, who invest in developing their organization’s discretionary effort, create a workplace where individuals will want to work and where they give discretionary effort on a daily basis.

When discretionary effort is freely offered by employees, they become your organization’s greatest competitive advantage.

News release: Business Management Experts Kick Off 21st Century Discretionary Leadership Mentoring Program With Complimentary Webinar

The Leadership of One is a novel and comprehensive approach to developing high-quality leadership skills. In this fast-developing and rapidly-changing business environment, such skills are absolutely essential to maintaining an edge over the competition.

Ross and Brandau have tapped into the vast array of leadership characteristics to ferret out those qualities and techniques that best enable today/tomorrow’s business and professional leaders become successful. Leadership levers is an absolute “must” for anyone aspiring to provide high-quality leadership to his/her organization.

~Gerald Bissett, Retired Vice President Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada

The 21st Century Leadership of One Coaching and Mentoring Deliverables

During the course of this program, you will develop your leadership skills, improve the systems and processes under your control and build effective workplace relationships.

To give individual attention, this program is limited to 12 registrants.

Many management gurus have echoed the words, “Leading others starts with leading yourself.”  This program teaches you how to lead yourself.

The Leadership of One program is completed over a 4-week period and contains the following elements:

  • 4 webinars of instructional material given by Karla Brandau and Douglas Ross
  • 4 group Power Triad Conversation calls facilitated by Douglas Ross
  • Personal behaviors and hidden motivators assessment and debrief with Karla Brandau
  • Members only site with reading and enrichment materials
  • Telephone and email access to Karla Brandau and Douglas Ross
  • The Leadership of One ebook


Contents for the Four Weeks of Leadership of One Modules:

…Includes Webinar training, TTI Behaviors and Motivators Assessment and Debrief, Power Triads Feedback and Practice.

You get the entire webinar instruction, Power Triad Conversations and personal coaching all for $497.00 (per person)

Get a discount when you watch the introductory webinar. See instructions below.

Week One: Defining The Leadership of One, Discretionary Effort and Engagement

This webinar introduces you to concepts of The Leadership of One and Discretionary Effort. You will learn:

  • The meaning of the terms and how are they apply to individuals, teams, and organizations
  • How the proprietary strategies that will make employees your competitive advantage
  • The incredible value of an authentic leader

Implementation of the RossBrandau Discretionary Effort Leadership Model can transform your leadership career.

PLUS – Developing Leadership of One Abilities Praxis Statement: Look where you have never looked before.

Week Two: Unlock the Future by Discovering Hidden Gifts

Dr. Ben Carson said, “I think one of the keys to leadership is recognizing that everybody has gifts and talents. A good leader will learn how to harness those gifts toward the same goal.” Every human being possesses unbelievable personal gifts.

This instruction explores the power of your personal gifts and how to:

  • “Unwrap” or use them for to increase career success and become the company’s competitive advantage
  • Discover and utilize your employees’ gifts.
  • Accept employees “As Is” and then help them grow

*Included: TTI Trimetrix Behaviors, Motivators and DNA assessment and debrief

PLUS – Developing Leadership of One Abilities Praxis Statement: I have everything I need.

Week Three: The Power of Integrity and The Magic of Gratitude

Integrity and authenticity are “felt” by others, meaning that as others enter into dialog with you, they can tell whether you are being honest and authentic with them. Their loyalty and trust goes deeper as you model gratitude and thank them for their contributions.

The multiplier effect of gratitude is shown in these words by a young woman we coached: “I live for those words, ‘fabulous job’ and when I get them, I double down and work even harder to get the next, ‘fantastic work.'”

This instruction includes how to:

  • Demonstrate integrity and authenticity
  • Use gratitude to cement positive work habits
  • Create an culture where the truth is surfaced

PLUS – Developing Leadership of One Abilities Praxis Statement: Do the right thing and the next right thing.

Week Four:  Human Dignity and Personal Charisma

Few leaders understand the impact of recognizing an individual’s human dignity. When human dignity is extended at every encounter with an employee, self-respect and self-esteem increases.

    The final segment of learning and discovery to be the leaders people choose to follow is increasing your personal charisma. The charisma you exhibit is built on your personality strengths, integrity, and authenticity. It is evident in the enhancement of professional relationships as you model gratitude and social acceptance.

    This webinar covers how to:

    • Extend respect and human dignity to every worker
    • Be true to one’s own personality, spirit, and character
    • Increase your personal charisma
    • Earn authentic contribution and discretionary effort

    PLUS – Developing Leadership of One Abilities Praxis Statement: Accept the gifts.

    Corporate Benefits of The Leadership of One Program

    Companies that encourage executives and managers to implement the Leadership of One strategies in their personal leadership style experience exponential growth. 

    Employees move past mere engagement and begin giving discretionary effort and authentic contributions on a daily basis.

    As they model these behaviors, direct reports imitate the behaviors and the multiplier effect takes hold.

    Cooperation and collaboration increase throughout all teams and the organization is enabled to:

    • Retain the best talent, even in this ultra-competitive market
    • Focus the productivity of every employee
    • Move employees from being merely engaged to giving discretionary effort
    • Build an innovative company by encouraging entrepreneurial thinking in team members
    • Tap the collective and collaborative intelligence of your people to drive the business

    Only $497.00 (per person) for 4 weeks of instructional webinars and Power Triad Coaching. Includes the Leadership of One ebook and access to enhanced material.

    Remember, each session of The Leadership of One program is
    limited to 12 participants.
    Don’t wait for the “right time”. The time is NOW.

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